Initial Examination & Assessment

During this session we will take a full medical history and ask questions in order to work out how your injury occurred. We will look at your posture, biomechanics and muscle imbalances. we will perform a range of tests to determine the exact diagnosis. We will set out a treatment protocol and begin to treat the injury. Where applicable we will set you rehab exercises and give advice to compliment the recovery process

Follow up treatment

During this session we will assess any changes in pain/function since the initial session and begin to treat straight away

Sports Massage

Sports massage shouldn’t be confused with a relaxing spa massage. We will search out and work on breaking down trigger points and muscle adhesions. We will incorporate some stretching and muscle energy techniques where required. The 30 min massage should be focussed on one or two areas due to the time constraints, the longer 60 min massage can be more general and work on the whole body at in one session.

Quick Injury Check

15 min FREE checkup. We will perform a quick assessment and give advice on do it yourself treatment such as stretching/posture change & discuss whether you’d benefit from a full treatment session.